roof to wall

First time I’ve seen this attachment. There are no nails into the truss. Single Strap?




Looks like a Simpson Strong-Tie H16S Hurricane Tie about a third of the way down, also has uplift load chart further down. Wait for a seasoned opinion though as I am not licensed in home inspections yet.

Looks like the right call to me----aka: Sanibel Strap

also see this thread:

also see this site: page 165 HDX hanger Lord and Sons

Sanibel Strap - Double wrap rating

Sanibel it is. Thanks for the info.

Can the home owner still get credit without being able to see the nails?

Usually they don’t bounce it back, but best practices are to get as close as you can showing the nails. Usually best practice to cover you and having to go back out there.:stuck_out_tongue:

Fred and Brad are correct, Sanibel strap, Looks like a retrofit was done. What year was the house built or was it a new roof?

Actually this OP is showing a Simpson H16 and not likely a retrofit. They have a nail hole on each side for the truss (not shown). A true USP Sanibel does not have any truss nail holes, only wall nails. Most underwriters know what they are by now and will allow the double wrap credit without showing the wall nailing if concealed.

This is a Sanibel

Thanks for the information. Really good to have. I had a retrofit inspection today and they used GA2, So I was thinking retrofit, due to looking like a newer strap. I usually see clips or the single metal strap. I usually don’t do wind mitigations on homes 2006 and newer, But I have seen new construction homes and the straps they use are pretty thick to boot. Which is a good thing;)

Shawn, did you know that the GA2 is not approved for RTW connections? They don’t have enough uplift to qualify for the minimum uplift requirement of 500 lbs. Permits involved?

Added: The HGA10 is the only gusset angle (top plate mount) RTW connector approved for retrofits (695 lbs uplift with correct screws).

Wow, great to know, This was done by a retrofit company. I never knew about the 500lb uplift as its not on the report. This will probably bounce back, but this is on the retrofit company, I wonder if I should call them in the AM and kinda bring this topic up. Hate to point fingers, But I don’t want this to come back on me or my license.:frowning:

I did Google it and it is 500lb minimum.

It will be ok for the 1802 as it is written. That retrofit company is scamming it’s customers. You could request the permit number though…

No permit, That sucks for the customer, Thank you for letting me know. I just like to see things done right for the sake of my clients:)

Yeah, some of these retrofitters are getting as bad as some mold remediator con artists. Permits are required for addon RTW retrofits in most areas in FL.

And when I went out to do the reinspect, i was thinking about that, but got side tracked. I looked it up last night, no permit:(

Came across two clients that stated the retrofit Co. Wanted $850 additional for permit.
So of course clients went the cheap route.