Wind mit question

What type of roof to wall connection would this be classified as?

Hah, that’s a good one. I would go with toenail.
Minimal conditions to qualify for categories B, C, or D. All visible metal connectors are:
*Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three (3) nails, and

looks like each strap must have 3 nails or they don’t qualify at all.

The opposing side photo is not of the same straps. Nailing pattern doesn’t match up. Insurance company might kick that back as well.

I was guessing that this is one continuous strap which wraps around the top plate of this framed wall. If that is the case, it is nailed with two nails on one side,one on the other, which would make it a single wrap. The fact that one nail isn’t all the way into the wood might be a problem though.

The opposing picture shows three nails from one side and one from the other side.

The question is, how is it attached to the top plate?

If all I saw was that I would say crap. Toenail/metal that meets no requirements.
I would bet that would be a reinspectors answer.

What will they think of next…Toe nail (ii). One end of strap (even if continuous) only has 2 nails.

A. Toe Nails
􀀀 Truss/rafter anchored to top plate of wall using nails driven at an angle through the truss/rafter and attached to
the top plate of the wall, or
􀀀 Metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions or requirements of B, C, or D

Minimal conditions to qualify for categories B, C, or D. All visible metal connectors are:
􀀀 Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three (3) nails, and
􀀀 Attached to the wall top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a ½" gap from
the blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1.5” of the truss/rafter, and free of visible severe

􀀀 B. Clips
􀀀 Metal connectors that do not wrap over the top of the truss/rafter, or
􀀀 Metal connectors with a** minimum of 1 strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and does not meet the nail
position requirements of C or D, but is secured with a minimum of 3 nails.**

􀀀 C. Single Wraps
Metal connectors consisting of a single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and is secured with a
minimum of 2 nails on the front side and a minimum of 1 nail on the opposing side.

I’ll send the pictures to someone from Simpson and see if they have a spec sheet for it including installation.

No need to send to Simpson, that is not a recommended installation by anybody. It is also not attached to top plate…can’t even give it a clip rating. Toenail (ii), trust me.

It was a recommended installation by someone as it was installed in 1985, permitted and inspected.

How do you know it isn’t attached to the top plate?

I’m with Mike, if I saw that, I would say Crap, lol. I hate pulling that trigger too. I feel for ya Eric. Bearer of bad news just because the insurance industry wants everyone to fit into a nice box. I hope you find out better news.

I have no problem calling it a toe nail. With of course the exception, that it could be some sort of specific strap design that wraps around the top plate, is nailed with four nails to the plate, has at least three nails in the truss. In that event,it would be a single wrap.

I told my client as of now, it is a toe nail, if we even do a wind mit as this is a townhouse, cash sale and the association has a blanket policy. We will see if that changes.

At least I took the time to A) Move the insulation to get the picture and B) Do a little research to help the client. I know many wouldn’t even bother to move the insulation. :wink:

Most do not. Great customer service.
Thats why I reccomend you.

I tried to send you a guy this week who needs a good written report but just does not get it himself.


Toe nails unless I can determine if there is a 3rd nail hidden by the second attachment. Observe that 3 bent over nails are seen in picture #3. You will have to get better pictures or your selling your client short.

This may very well turn out to qualify as a clip. I would need to see the back of the truss pictured in the other photos.

You couldn’t get the backside of the truss picture, but, you can see the nail coming through the wood, which looks like it pushed the strap out of the way as it was nailed.

“If” that is a single strap, and “if” it is secured to the top plate, it does have two nails on the front side of the truss, the form doesn’t specify where those nails have to be or where in the strap they have to be, and it does have one nail on the backside, then, according to the definition on the form, it would be a single wrap, because it goes over the truss.
I grabbed the strap and it didn’t move, but, that doesn’t mean it was nailed and, that, I couldn’t see.

And, when I blew up the picture, there are actually three nails on the front side. One is partially hidden by the wrap. That is why on the other picture of the backside, there are three nails coming through.

They all can’t be like that…are they.

Good One Eric…Thanks for sharing !

I could only get to two of them and that was no small feat! I would say that they are. I could see one other one which was the backside of a truss that had three nails coming through it. One of the pictures didn’t come out. :frowning:

I am also going to guess that this, if I can get documentation, will qualify as a singe wrap.

If I have to do a wind mit on this, I’ll go back and get some better pictures as it is only 15 minutes away and the client was very nice to look at! :slight_smile:

Keep us in the loop to the final decision and
HAVE FUN :slight_smile:

As I said, I may not even have to do a wind mit. First thing, is the client will actually have to buy the place.
Since I am having shoulder surgery next Tuesday, and taking the rest of the year off, it will probably have to wait until January! :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


Same goes for me Eric. If there’s anything at all I can do let me know please. And, wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. Happy Holidays!