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I inspected a home this week that I found to have some interesting features, the home is valued around $500,000 (4 years old) and was built by a notable builder in the area. The owner is the “builders son”, what capacity he is involved in the business I have no idea. With the exception of the following items the house was in great condition.

The owner already labeled the "builders son" had never been on the roof one is to presume. Check out the attached picture and tell me the expression that was on his face when he saw this picture and the subsequent damage that had occurred (minor). ![icon_mad.gif](upload://j9pysYkUDeHxjgaVCpqL5B8x4z3.gif)

What you are looking at is a discarded ridge vent cap with shingles completely nailed down and though the cap. The piece had been thrown from the ridge, not intended to be left on the roof. In doing so the nails (multiple) had penetrated the shingles of the roof over time.

Also how about the dish installer and all of the cable fasteners nailed in place through the shingles!

Do you think a roofing contractor got an ear full?

I have found several other items on roofs but this was one of the better ones.

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Obviously there was no attic access for the cable guy to run the wires through ![icon_confused.gif](upload://qv5zppiN69qCk2Y6JzaFYhrff8S.gif)
And they were overbudget on garbage disposal for the job
So, out of sight, out of mind!!!!

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