Roof Truss Repair

Hi, We recently purchased a new property in NC and got a home inspection done. During the Pre-Drywall inspection, our inspector had found that one of the roof trusses had broken and was fixed manually. He mentioned that the builder should provide a document confirming that it had been fixed. It has been an year and we still haven’t received this paperwork. Could you please share your thoughts on what builders are required to do under such circumstances. Are roof trusses required to be repaired before a house can be sold,

Thanks in advance.

Builders are required to cash your check and make money selling you a house. Unless your Real Estate agent or lawyer included an addendum into your contract requiring proper repair or documentation of proper repair they may not be required to do anything. Your inspector expressed concerns that the truss was repaired and advised that documents be provided regarding the repair. It was up to you and your representative (lawyer or buyer agent who represented you) to ensure that the documents were provided. These documents should have been provided prior to closing and finalizing of the sale. Once you own the home your leverage is limited as the builder already has his money. I don’t know the laws in your state but perhaps there is a 1 year warranty provided by state law were you can take action.

As a pre-engineered truss is not field made, it requires an engineer to approve any necessary repairs. If your home is out of warranty and your builder will not provide an engineer’s report on this truss repair, you can hire your own structural engineer to evaluate this truss and provide a proper repair design.

It is all negotiable. And, maybe their inspector won’t see it as a problem…or, see it at all, for that matter.