Roof type & excessive leaking

I dont see this type of roof very often.

Is it a cement tile and what is the life expectancy?

There was staining all over the ceiling & attic. I recommended a professional roofer that specializes in this type of roofing. What type of underlayment is there? It appeared to be leaking at the valleys/flashings but also at other areas.



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It is installed wrong, you don’t parge the valley.

Hi Dave,

Yes it is a concrete tile roof, but you need to remember that with this roof system that the tile is not the whole picture.

The tile is desgined to shed 90 odd % of rain water but that the underlayment is actually the impermiable membrane. That is normally a hot mopped or torch down roll roof.

The problem with these roofs is that the underlayment and flashings will fail long before the roof tile does.

That roof will probably be an expencive tear off and reroof to fix.




I thought that even though the tiles look good that will all the staining that the underlayment was a potential problem.

The sellers disclosed as being fixed. I just smile as they used about $5 worth of tar.
I told my client about 5X to have a specialist examine the roof/valleys/ect.

Thanks Mates.


To tear off, install new membrane, reinstall flashing, fix any minor sheathing problems and reinstall tiles cost about $10,000.00 for a 2,000 sq. ft. home here.

About the same here. Must be the climate.

Ah yes
And the manufacturer will say that the roof covering will last indefinatley. Again we are right back to bad installation practices. EIFS anyone?

It appears that this was not the original roof, if you check the last photo (attic), it shows that the roofing is dimentional wood, to me, it means that the original roof was probably some type of wood shakes. When the new roof was installed, it was not installed properly, and this would cause leaks.

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