roof tiles

never seen roof tiles installed like this before. The whole complex is this way.

805 NW 208 Cir Pem Pines(Nance) 014.jpg

805 NW 208 Cir Pem Pines(Nance) 013.jpg

Makes no difference Bill, as long as the underlayment is covered well, tiles don’t do anything except keep the sun off the membrane, roll roofing, felt, etc; what ever is under the tiles.

Take the tiles off and the roof should not leak.

Atypical (unapproved) installations throw up a red flag especially in Wind Strom Regions, advise that the manufacture, a qualified roofer and insurer approve this install

That can’t meet y’alls wind codes, can it?


That is exactly what I am trying to find out. When I get my answer, I will let you know