Roof Style?

So say you are inspecting a house, and it looks like a normal HIP style roof, with a few non-hip features. In your home inspection report would you call the roof a HIP roof. Then if they asked for a wind mit, and you measured it out, and it had 10+ percent more non-hip features, couldn’t that cause an issue if you called the roof a HIP roof?

I typically call it a combination of hips and Gables or flat Etc. If it just has a very small amount of non hip features then my comment is predominantly hip.

Yes it could :slight_smile:

For that very reason I always describe all roof shapes in my home inspection.

I also mark toe nails, straps or clips. I note if they are not installed to the current standards also. I almost always do the wind mit anyway, even if they say they do not need it. Ninety-nine percent of the time they call for it anyway. I do charge more after the fact.