Roof Valley

Would you be concern about this roof valley?

Hi Buck

If it was my house I would be concerned, but that’s the same method I see Tiles installed on 95% of the Shaqs here.

If I was installing the Tiles I would leave them cut back 2-3 inches on each side of the valley flashing, but the roofer would have to fasten them some how, we know they wouldn’t want to go out of their way fastening the Tiles properly.

Crap builds up in there and no way to clean it as you know. I tell people to keep the Valleys clean or have the Tiles installed properly, whatever floats their boat.

Thanks!! Dale. The roof vents were also leaking.

What was the valley made of please.
Was it galvanized and was the a ice shield or membrane applied to the entire roof decking?
If you give me a little more to go on I may be able to help.

Good point Dale about cut valleys.
2 ways of doing it. Open and closed valley.
You have to pay attention to the valley itself. Look to see how wide it is on ether side to the plain.
9" is a (bare)minimum for me and code on both sides of the valley plain… Look for water tight membrane on the total roof decking.

YES, to all

It can be a problem if there is a source for debris… like overhanging trees. It’s a very common condition, and as long as the valley is lined with metal flashing I wouldn’t even mention it.

That’s Crazy talk Dale. :stuck_out_tongue:

4581 West G 4-11-11 004.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 004.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 003.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 004.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 003.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 035.JPG

Yep, see it all the time…:twisted:

Have the Jet Ski’s ready YET?------:stuck_out_tongue: