vent collar fix by new home builder

What a week I am having with new builders! Geeze. These are very large, well known companies doing sub-par work…hhmmmm.

I am amazed what they will do avoid the extra costs of doing it right. I came across an ill fitting vent collar…check out the fix. They finally agreed to replace the flashings at the closing table.

Check out the home-made diverter flashing they finally, reluctantly fixed. Repair not shown.

Picture 048 (Small).jpg

Picture 046 (Small).jpg

Picture 017 (Small).jpg

Shawn - I really think the problem in Florida (where I live also) is not only there is NO APPRENTICE programs anymore. A guy does roofing for a week then all of a sudden he is the site supervisor! The builder will get away with it because he has the OOOOO SOOOOOOOO precious “CO” and thats all it takes to make the buyer close or loose their deposit.

I personally think all single family residence should be inspected by PROPERLY TRAINED AND TESTED private home inspectors. So that someone is held accountable. Right now who are you going to sue? The city for passing this? I can show you new homes with #1 copper wiring for 200 amp service, NO, NONE, NADA, NIL, insualtion within the attic area, House built so close to the road they could even put front stairs on! And yes these are brand spanking new houses with certificates of occupancy.

Then on the other hand these idiots insure I make a living!

Is it correct to have the portion of the flashing at the roof below the vent under the shingles?

The shingles on top of the lower flashing of the boot are typically for looks. Although unable to verify in the pics the lower boot flashing should be placed on top of the shingles below the vent so the water drains off and away from the hole in the roof. The shingle placed on top are often tarred in place to cover the exposed flashing.


The preferred method is to have the metal or plastic flashing should be left exposed. This does two things.
First it reduces the amount of moisture below the penetration (thus hindering moss buildup) and second the galvinized flashing at least will help reduce the moss buildup over the long haul.