Roofing Issue? Shingle line off, valley seam off

Two questions here…1. Is the valley line ok not to be in the center of the valley? This one is out of the valley a bit. 2. The shingle line at the ridge is not square with the ridge at one end. Is this going to be a future issue of is it just unsightly? Happy new year!


It is supposed to be few inches off to prevent debris from building up. You will not see this often because too many roofers are clueless in this.

Although the shingles don’t line up perfectly with the ridge, it is usually not an issue, just minor cosmetics that usually nobody will notice from the ground. You can make a note about it, most will not.

Happy New Year!


I agree with, Simon.

It looks good from 10000 feet!

You are pretty high up :slight_smile:

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The valley appears cut appropriately.

California valley ^^

The shingle line will not always be square with the ridge as the eaves are not always the same distance apart from one end to the other or the ridge is slightly higher on one end.
This is simply an appearance thing.

When the shingle rows end up not parallel to the ridge cap is because the roofers are in a hurry and don’t bother to measure the distance vertically up and down the installed shingles every 5 courses or so…It does not matter if the distances vary from one end or the other. Every five rows you compensate 1/8"-1/4" on the exposure so that once you reach the ridge you end up parallel with the ridge.
Just plain sloppy work.


As a roofer for most of my adult life ,Marcel is exactly correct.The valley pictured is a California valley.Not a big fan of this method

Thank you for the clarification. Happy New Year.

Time is money :slight_smile:

I guess they know who not to hire when the roof needs to be redone! :slight_smile:

On new home 11 month roof inspections I have done, every one is not parallel to the ridge. Older roofs are a different story.

It’s a new style :wink:

California valley illustration added to above post.
…sorry it took so long to find it.

That is why a performance specification would come in handy with people that don’t give a rats a ss about what it looks like and the attitude that no one sees it from the ground. :grin:

Performance? “Nothing lasts forever” is what everyone tells me, including manufacturers. I gave up, not worth the fight.

Designed to work with wind directions!

Yeap :slight_smile: At first I thought you meant something else.

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But what about those vents? Might have to run the calculator on those. And look for vapor barrier.

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Learn about valleys here, Chris.