Rot on a Wood Beam

Hey Guys-

The rot on this beam support for the back deck was isolated to the ends and this one spot in the middle. Is that enough to warrant concern or further evaluation? The beam was set off the ground about 6" with cement supports. Thanks.







You already evaluated it. Call for repair.

Ah yes, something I’ve learned from you and Jeff Pope…thanks for reminding me. Okay, let me re-phrase. Is the rot on this beam a defect and significant enough to warrant repair?

I’d imagine by your reply the answer would be yes…but it’s nice to have confirmations. Thanks.

Yes. Also keep in mind, you cannot see into the center of the beam, or deeper into the rotted middle. If the only visible damage was at the very ends, I may (depending on severity), suggest monitoring and budgeting for future repair, but since there is ‘any’ rot further in (middle) it needs replacement sooner than later.

I poke potential rotten areas with a pocket knife. Kinda like checking for termites. Sometimes an area may look rotten but is really still solid. On an older houses you will always find some rott.
Or you could just note it and go on.:wink: