Rotator Laser Level FOR SALE

$425.00 [size=3]plus shipping …[/size]
[size=3]Includes everything listed below

NMRL-99 $625.00
Berger Tri-pod $72.00
Rotary Laser Detector LD-100N cst/Berger $161.00
Alum Level Rod Measuring stick. $68.00
Includes Hard shell case
Never Used Mint condition

**Please send me an email if your interested, I also have a TIF8800 gas detector valued at $198.00 $100.00 with case…very min used

  • Operating Distance - 100ft. Radius on the outside of Detector, 300ft Radius by with the help of Detector
  • Leveling Accuracy - +/- 1/8 in at 50ft, Laser Plummet - yea
  • Red Visible Beam, Class II,IIIa, 635 nm, Max 2mW laser
  • Leveling - Manual in contrast with 3 leveling screws. Rotating Speed - 0-500rpm.
  • Scanning Mode - 10 and 20 degrees. Carry Case - High Impact Plastic

Spec Summary:
[RIGHT]Operating Distance:[/RIGHT]
100ft. Radius without Detector
300ft. Radius with Detector [RIGHT]Leveling Accuracy:[/RIGHT]
+/- 1/8 in at 50ft with Detector [RIGHT]Laser Plummet:[/RIGHT]
yes [RIGHT]Laser Emmission:[/RIGHT]
Red Visible Beam, Class IIIa
635 nm, Max 2m W [RIGHT]Leveling:[/RIGHT]
3 leveling screws, Manual [RIGHT]Rotating Speed:[/RIGHT]
0-500rpm [RIGHT]Scanning Mode:[/RIGHT]
10° and 20° [RIGHT]Power:[/RIGHT]
4 C cell Alkaline batteries

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