ROYAL LePAGE opens huge new offices. NACHI was there.

Way to go Roy!

Keep up the good work!

Who better to represent us than Roy!:smiley:

Raymond Wand???


NACHI can only afford to have one member that is dyslexic,that member is me.

Raymond E. Wand

Roy Cooke Sr.

See the difference? :slight_smile:

No:roll: :roll:


Now THAT was funny… :wink:


Didn’t think you would. :wink:

Strange you have a different way of showing that you support NACHI .

Roy Cooke

Strange you have a different way of supporting NACHI
Roy Cooke

Yes, Linas, I agree with Roy Kooky. You should follow his example and turn this forum into your very own Romper Room like he and his sweaty Ray Wand are doing. :roll:


[quote=Norm Bushman]

ROYAL LePAGE opens huge new offices. NACHI was there.

Yes and poor Gil and his ??? Norm Bushman did not get an invite .

Only one Home Inspection Company was invited .

Someone should copy all the threads from here where you show your true color (YELLOW), ya little sissy Roy and send it to every person in that office.


Gil so much for your marketing abilities. I guess you are on the out list n the region!


One brokerage moved from one office to another office… a change of location. That’s all. And you guys try to make it sound like some monumental occasion, “and NACHI was there.” Whoopee-ding! What was there was a $10 bouquet, with a ribbon, and a home-made greeting card, from Romper Roy.

And yes I did get an invitation, and yes I did drop in. Richard and I both, and neither of us saw you… which was fine.

You’re diggin’ deep now, Butthead. Did you split the $10 cost on the WalMart bouquet, with Romper Roy?


Can’t make any headway eh! Why don’t you eat that pet pig that you keep telling everyone ate your sister.

He’s probably out inspecting, Sissy Wand, which is way more than your doing, although your probably busy inspecting your wet bedsheets. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Why are you only an associate? Why can’t you manage your underpinning biz. I heard you had to declare bankruptcy along with your deck building biz.

What about the irregularities within OAHI financial statements, by-law breaches, etc. You know if you spent as much energy checking into that OAHI-CAHPI would be a lot better off.

Thanks for helping in expose the dirt! Now get out there and get the required number of inspections you wanker.