RYOBI Xenon HID spotlight experience??

I am looking for something really bright and I have a half dozed ryobi 18v batteries already so I think it could be a good deal for a bright light.

Anyone use one? Any opinions?

I dont use the lamps, too bulky and down here too many low slopes roofs. I often hold the flashlight in my mouth so I have 2 hands free to woth the camera and steady myself for safety. Just check to make sure the light bulb is replaceable. My Ryobi Tek4 led flashlights dont have swapable bulbs.

Glenn, The bulbs are not replaceable, that is one of the biggest complaints about them. I have a pretty bright headlamp which gives me free hands which has served me well most of the time but I have come across situations where a brighter flood-lamp would really be nice to have.