You mean inches, not 24 feet.

See what one little line can do to your report.

Now I see how the installer made this mistake!

There are times the utility will permit the service drop to be attached to the building and then be supported to the building for a distance before it is spliced to the SE conductors. I have seen this legally performed.

This picture does not look as though it may be one of those types of permitted installations though.

Pierre- Great point! I suppose that is the difference. The installations I referred to were definitely regarding the service drop conductors and NOT the service entrance conductors. Thanks!

Pierre, are you talking about the line side of the service point? … And they say that is NESCland, out of the AHJs “J”?

Another concern would be if it is aluminum siding and the cables rubbing the siding from the breezes moving them.

I always get nervous with any service conductor that is not in a raceway or cable.