S traps

Last two inspections I find this

I think they did it because the drain runs straight down throught the floor.

Wow! That monstrosity is going to have so many back-ups your clients will be pissed forever if it doesn’t get corrected!!!

I dont knwo who installs these things

Wayne I hope you don’t take that as advice. If anything it will drain too quickly and the trap will dry out.

So **Kevin Wood, CMI, **of Sault Ste Marie ON Canada, are you going to continue to follow (aka. stalking) me around and make negative comments about all my posts, and not even bother to explain why???

Btw… your opinion (of the issue above) is WRONG, again!

Jeff he doesn’t even know what he is looking at.

I’m sure of it.

I bet he can’t identify the problem.

Of course not, just like the other threads he attacks me on.

When requested to explain his statement, he hides like a little girl who peed in her bed!

Canadian Misinformed Inspector

Misinformed would be one thing, and is easily corrected.

He is just blatantly in denial of the facts. He refuses to accept any fact that is not his own.

I truely feel sorry for any and all clients of his… past, present, and future.

Cant we all just get along?

That depends. Who are you siding with? :mrgreen:

Jeffrey may be partially right as it has been installed backwards but it would depend on how long the stem is before its connection below the kitchen floor.
If you want I can provide pictures but I think you get the point.

Took you long enough. Who told you?

So insensitive. The man just died.

Take a closer look at the depth of the “seal”, and the position of the “crown”, in relation to the sink bowl waste lines! You don’t see a problem here? The ironic thing is, if the tailpiece was longer, this situation would lessen to be a concern with the length, but, the S-Trap problem would become enhanced.

Question… how many inspectors actually **look **at what all the crap below sinks is? You should be looking for clues… like “Liquid Plumber” and “Drano”, as well as Plunger’s in area’s other than storage, like a bathroom indicating frequent backups!!!


Now you spoiled it. :wink:

I noticed that too and that was the reason for your original comment. :slight_smile:

I figured that since Kevin “manned up” and made an attempt, I would post what I felt the issues were. Only fair. :slight_smile: