Safari browsers cannot sign agreement

Russell. Another customer cannot sign online contract. This happens at least once a week for us. It would seem that the problem with safari browsers could be solved by the nerds. Jeez.

If it is safari, then they likely have cookies disabled which means they really can’t visit a lot of websites. Not much we can do for those. The most we could do for them is detect it and give a notice to them. I will ask the nerds again.

That would help a lot I think. At least they would know the error is their software not yours and mine. To them it looks like homegauge does not work. And yes we have been tracking this and it does seem to be all safari. Oh and we try giving them the directions your staff sent and they for the most part do not know what to do or just won’t. They blame us and our software. Anything that can be done would be appreciated. It is really a time vampire for my staff.

We had the same issue for a while. Use InterNACHI’s online agreement system as a backup if you need to:

Nick. Why would yours work any better then Russel’s. He states that without cookies or other things that it will be a problem. If yours works maybe you could help his programmers. I do know that other site with login are not having problems with safari. I would imagine more testing is needed. I also do not know why cookies need to be put on a machine for login. I tried my banking site and investment sites with safari with cookies restricted and did not have the issues I am having on the homegauge site. Oh well. Will See.

Hi Kenneth,
our nerds have done their magic. Now when anyone logs in the server checks for cookies on or off and if off will display a message explaining it and a link to how to enable cookies.

You’re the man Russell!!!
I was sitting here scratching my cookies wondering how this problem would be resolved.:p:p
HG rocks!!!

Actually if you disable cookies and clear history (to remove cache pages that has the cookie) you can’t log in to InterNACHI. With cookies disabled you can’t log in to many sites. It’s possible to limit cookies as well as disable. Why Kenneth that you can sign in to your bank as you said with cookies disabled could be settings were limited not totally disabled, or if you cleared your history you could lose the existing cookie that allowed you in to your bank. This is not just HomeGauge but many many sites, if not most of them

Now HomeGauge detects it and gives instructions.

Russel. A client is having trouble signing my agreement again today. I asked her what browser she is using and she said safari with cookies enabled. She also stated she uses the same software for banking and other secure sites with no issue. With her permission I left her property to be inspected address and phone number on your voicemail. Maybe you guys can talk to a user and find a solution to this chronic problem. THX.

Thanks Ken. I did call her and left a very friendly message and apologized for the issue and asked her if she would mind calling me back and gave her my mobile number. I then thanked her for her time.

I will let you know what happened.

Thanks. After I talked with her she seems very co-operative. I appreciate it. I told her the developer was working hard to discover and correct the issue.

Thanks I appreciate. I told her the developer was working hard to correct the issue.

Hi all!

This is the same client. Now she cannot open termite link. See her comments below:

[li]**Message Details: **[/li][LIST]
[li]Name Cheryl weigle[/li][li]Subject[/li][li]Message Cannot open your termite link. Please send via email, I have tried s real times.[/li][li]Email[/li][/ul]
[li]This is for property address 428 Nickel Creek Cir. Her phone number is (919) 345-4881. If someone could please help this client sign in and view reports on homegauge, we would greatly appreciate it![/li][/LIST]

Hi Kenneth,
the client is welcome to call us if you guys are too busy. We don’t have any magic on clicking a link. Why cant she open it? Did you attach it to your report? Our software will make a clickable link if you did. If you can have her call us we can help or give me more details than just having trouble.

Things like:
Do you have your login info that is included in your email?
Did you try to log in with it?
What did the message say?
Could you log in but not find the link to the termite report?

I went to look at your set up of Documents you have for your buyer and you have went to the extra trouble to create separate documents for the inspection, summary, radon and pest control form. They are very obvious and all documents will open. This person may not be that computer literate. You may need to email it to her or print it out and snail mail it.

Also, I don’t mind playing this out on a public message board but these are really issues dealing with your company and me. Not so much here.

Having said that I noticed you didn’t “Force” agreement and the buyer has access to the report without requiring them to agree. Unless you had them sign something in person, this agreement on this home has not been signed.

If you get time we can help you learn how to force the agreement. You can call in and we can discuss and walk you through it, or I can post step by step instructions for you here.

We know how to force an agreement. We just print it out and take it to the inspection and have them sign day of. We have walked many customers through this and yes once is a while it is their computer savvy at fault. But most of the time it is incompatibility with safari browsers and homegauge. Obviously I cannot sit with the client and see what they see. We are just letting you know and you promised to call her. I trust you that you tried. I would recommend that you get with here and get permission to remote into her machine. See what she does or does not do. Will probably be a learning experience for both client and developer.

I am not trying to fight with you or make you look bad here. I am trying to make sure that each time it happens you know about it. This is your forum. If I was in charge one of the developers would personally contact each person whom calls with this problem remote into their machine and wonderful things might happen. Just my thoughts. Please do not be angry we are just frustrated with this. It really is a chronic issue for us with only have you tried issues pointing back to my company and client. I agree that sometimes clients are the issue but this happens with to much frequency across all levels of customers. We do not throw these customers at you until we try the obvious with them. IMHO it really is a problem with the safari browsers and homegauge.
Thank you. Does anybody else out there have issues with homegauge and singing or logging in for reports. If we are the only ones it maybe something we are missing. We don’t care who is wrong. I would prefer to work together to fix it and stay on it till a workable solution is found.

opps signing sorry. spelling.

Hi Kenneth,
my response was not angry at all. I reread it but still don’t see any angry tone. We made a change to help safari customers understand that their cookies are turned off for those that have their cookies turned off. A few posts above on this thread indicated so. We are not having any kind of major issue with safari. We called your buyer and I had my developer with me when I called. I left a message and was very nice.

This morning I called her again. I was not able to leave a message because the phone picked up and then hung up.

We have 5000 to 10000 buyers every week sign in to view their reports successfully and without needing help. Out of the thousands of inspectors that use HG we are sure that some buyers may have difficulty from time to time but we are not hearing this from anyone. I am not saying it doesn’t happen I am saying that its hasn’t come to our attention that there is any major issue with safari customers.

Not accusing you of any anger. Your responses are fine they are just not helping. Did not want you to interpret my message that way. By the way forums are a ****ty way to communicate technical difficulties of any kind. Almost not worth the effort. In this case it might be the clients fault. If she does not want to help or tells me she might then does not answer oh well. I am going to drop it till the next time and I will let you know. I am sure most logins are successful. Do you know how many are not and the reasons. You should be able to track the unsuccessful ones to determine errors. But even that might not help if the error message is inaccurate.