safety gloves

Can anyone suggest a good pair of leather or Kevlar gloves to use for electrical inspections? Thanks!

Get what feels tight but comfortable.
I bet a very tiny percentage even wear them.

What is the reason that you need the gloves? Are you handling live conductors or just to open and inspect panel-boards?

I also do not wear them, but I am a safety nut. Should we be using them.

There is certainly nothing wrong with increasing your margin of safety; however, any gloves used should be specifically rated for the voltage levels to be encountered. Unrated work gloves can give a false sense of security. Also, gloves rated for contact with live electrical components require periodic testing. Class 0 gloves are adequately rated for anything a HI is likely to encounter and are available from any safety supplier source.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to use for panel inspections after watching one of the Internachi electrical inspection videos? I will look for “Class 0” gloves…thanks!

Are you trying to comply with NFPA-70E? If so gloves are only a part of the requirement.

No, not trying to comply with NFPA-70E…just trying to stay safe when removing panel covers…thanks.

I don’t have a suggestion on a specific brand, but what ever is comfortable and tight. You may have to spend a little more money on a good pair. I am glad you are thinking about safety while inspecting!

J. Lasserton
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Just curious, what do those videos show and how will the gloves help?

If the panel is properly grounded and bonded, should a hot conductor be in contact with the cover, the breaker should trip.

From the video the instructor suggests wearing safety gloves and glasses when taking a look at elec. panels. I guess the problem is the panel may not be properly grounded and bonded. Regardless, the safe thing to do is always check the panel and screws to see if there is current before attempting to remove the cover.

Unless you are barefoot on a slab or holding on to a water pipe with one hand, chances are you will not get bit from the panel cover.


Try touching the panel cover & screws with a electrical tester often called a TIC to identify hazards. I would not inspect without this device to touch the panel cover, stray wires, or suspect ducting that may be charged and found anywhere. There is always one in my shirt pocket. I also don’t wear gloves. On rare occasions I have slightly moved a wire to get a better look in the panel using a chop-stick. The key words are “rare” and “slightly moved” and not stated is to use exterme caution.

I have over 30 years as an electrician. Safety is so important.

You can test the cover with a tic tester or feel the cover with the back of your hand. HOWEVER, that is not fool proof. Over the years I have:

  • had plenty of wires spring out and hit me in the face. They might not be live but they can poke you in the eye. The larger wires can do even more damage when they hit.
  • Had bus to bus shorts happen. Not good. Lucky for me this was just a small arc. Safety glasses had a nice burn mark centered on my eye.
  • Gone to fellow electrician’s funerals.
  • Had to replace major electrical componants that became damaged due to the human factor.
  • burned too many screwdrivers and wire cutters to remember.

Keep in mind that alot of the gloves that many inspectors wear are made of flamable material. Guess what will happen to your hands if they catch fire?

Review NFPA-70E

I better get a better pair of gloves not that I think of it.

Also before you touch the panel stop and take a look at your surroundings. What are you standing on? Are you touching anything metal such as a washer or a furnace? Is someone standing too close to you, move them away.

Most reputable / safe contractors will not let their staff work anything hot anymore. They make them follow the NFPA-70E standards.

Be SAFE everyone.

Great advice, thanks!

Not to change the subject, but don’t forget safety glasses too. It’s one of those things we think will never happened to us, but today I had a rock fly up and cut my face real bad while using a weed trimmer. I would likely be blind in one eye another half inch to the right.