Same scammers are in the re-inspection program

A relative (who is 65 yrs old) call me regarding their home as it was to be re-inspected. Nervous and concerned of the horror stories that are being told of rate increases, they asked me to be there (one reason I couldn’t attend the Melbourne meeting). So I was there and here is what happen.

A young man arrived and said he was to inspect the house. No ID presented and off he went to start taking pics. I just followed and watched. After taking the elevation pics he pulled out an extension pole attached the camera and started shooting pics of the roof. Then he took his metal detector stuck it in one place of the wall and took a pic of it. I then asked what is that, he said I looking for rebar. I said shouldn’t you scan the wall, oh no he says the older homes (home is in the HVHZ) don’t have rebar. I asked are you familar with the SFBC, he seems stunned and answers no. At that point I went inside got the letter from Citizens and presented it to him and read the section regarding a license person and presenting ID. Oh you want to see my ID he says with the lack of cockyness that was present. I said, hey I did not write the letter, so yes. He goes back to his car (not a truck) and takes about five minutes to produce an ID with his pic, from one of the 3 companies doing reinspections. At that time we take pics of his ID, so now it hits the fan. He gets on the cell and the guy with the licenses shows up to advise me that this young fellow is helping him. The ID was a fraud, the kid was never trained thru the correct process and how many home owners have been screwed by this type of scam.

No I will not report or pursue this, I spoke of this at the Sept 2010 OIR meeting because it had happen before regardig a claim of too much rust on straps, and 8d nails that where not found because it was easier to take the pics of stables and not go into the attic. I will not put my relatives in the cross fire of retaliation, since the scammers know their address. The job to police the re-inspection belongs to who? Who will present the OIR with the report which requires stats, research, and auditing to show the inaccurate re-inspection reports?

The same scammers that screwed things up for everyone are now the re-inpectors. Now the homeowners are paying big for this re-inspection program. Thank you to our legislative branch who’s purpose is to be protecting the people.

And they are the same ones saying the pictures are safe and should be done. They are not safe and yet again here is another example of them not proving anything yet being accepted as proof.

Those doing the inspections should determine what they need for proof. If I can view it from a hatch with a monocular or however I wish and I say I see something then that dame sure should be enough.

The pictures help faking inspections seem accurate. They prove nothing at all.


This makes you a part of the problem.

This is such a high crime state the prosecutors will not go after anything small and you can get a law suit brought against you for trying to do the right thing. I know from experience. I am not the police.

See post #16 here…

…it’s a start.

I’d drop dimes on this scam inspector!

This would most likely not be a police issue. It would be a State regulatory issue with their department doing the investigation and prosecution / fining. Turn the rat bastards in.

DBPR has their own fraud investigators or at least they used to ( I once inspected a home for one) so that is where you start. If we don’t turn in the illegal inspectors they will continue to scam the public further damaging the reputation of home inspectors across the State. Don’t let these vermin destroy the profession. The guy in charge of that outfit should at least have a heavy fine and if he does it again he should be looking for another profession. If you don’t protect your business no one else will.

At the very least report it so they know it is going on. They then can decide where to direct resources, even if they do nothing on this one. Without a record it will continue and it will continue to affect us all.

As announced at the conference:

I requested that all rejected and re-inspections you do not agree with get forwarded to us for review. We will then give you an opinion and keep the information to defend our positions in the Florida inspection process.

We are looking for all of the reports, both retail and re-inspections. The information will be held with the strictest confidence but we must have all the information. Send them to

Thats messed up. You should report it

Your better off reporting it to the inspection company that they were working for. Once they find out they will can this duo instantly. The reason being is because if Citizens ever found out about this AT ALL they would invalidate all of this guys re-inspections and make the inspection company pay to have them all done again. Or maybe just take their money back and send the re-inspections to another firm.