Samsung Tablets & HG

Looking at Samsung Galaxy Tablets …

Tab E / 8"

Tab A / 10"

Tab A / 7"

Tab S2 / 8" OR 9.7"

Anybody using one of these ???

Also how much memory … 32GB … 64GB … 128GB

I have two Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" with 16GB memory.

I have a two Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" with 16GB memory.

I use a 7" Tab A with 8GB

How much RAM or memory are you happy with

Anybody do a different size if doing again

I use the 8"Galaxy Tab A. It’s a dedicated device, so memory is adequate. I have a 32gb flash card. I would probably get the 7" Tab A if I were allowed a do-over.

I have no issues with the 16GB of memory, but I do remove each inspection at the end of the day and transfer the next inspection onto the tablet.

I’m happy with the tablets I have and when it time to replace them I will be looking for the same models if possible.

I use a Samsung note 4 to run companion. works great, has the flash, 32 G with expandable memory and the stylus that I dont use

Hi, I am a returning inspector. I am thinking of buying a Samsung 7" tablet rear camera with flash. But I found most tablet camera do not have flash. How do you all handle this ? Thanks for help.

TREC # 6270
Texas HomeSpection, Inc.

Galaxy Tab 12.1 Pro - has flash on rear and great photo exposure control.
Galaxy S7 Phone as backup (also with flash). Running Camera Zoom FX App to shrink the photos to a size that doesn’t blow the cloud upload to shreds. This also connects to my Canon ELPH 360HS via WiFi for remote operation pole camera shots using Canon Camera Connect App.