Sas llc

I recently was contacted by a company called Strategic Asset Services (They are a property management services company) via the NACHI email. They require a very very basic summary of a multi dwelling complex, basically photos and any deferred maintenance issue report. They are very specific with what they require and by no means require a full inspection.
Along with the plethora of photographs and the deferred maintenance issue report they have mentioned they require a copy of the NACHI certificate for records (Fannie Mae).

has anyone seen/heard of this before ?

I do work for them currently.

After around 4 jobs they offered me a choice.

Remain an independent inspector until they hire a company inspector for my area, or accept a position with their company at $16 per hour.

They said if I remained independent I may only receive another 3 or 4 jobs before they have someone hired.

I could not see the sense of doing more for less money.
I remained independent and have since done another 10 jobs for them.

Easy work and they pay in a timely fashion.