Says, How to fix basement leaks.....french drain etc lol

Says home owner leaks in several areas.

5:05 mark, says negative pitch lol… says, water was going down and finding the rod holes… so these guys add clay, wood, raise a/c and so on… apparently doesn’t tell to homeowner to seal ALL rod holes correctly, yeah if drywall is up against walls then they should have taken some down in order to SEE ALL the problems, to see any n all deteriorated rod holes and possible crack (s) in poured wall, and then FIX em correctly, sheesh.

so, did homeowner or other contractor FIND and then fix all rod holes?

did homeowner NOT want to remove more drywall and let’s say, having some previous rod holes repaired? pffttt And then they found the french drain guy who told homeowners what you hear in video, which is a lot of bull…

9:05 mark, he says, Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on basement waterproofing, just hire this guy instead. Note- in one of this guys other french drain videos he said he charged $6,000 for similar job lol, now to me THAT IS ri—friggin-dicccculous

So is taking some drywall down to see any-all problems… rod holes and who knows, maybe 1 or 2 cracks and waterproofing the 1-2 cracks and repairing rod holes… this would cost a ridiculous amount of money? Says who? sheesh k, would cost $3,000 ish IF 2 cracks plus rod holes which is MUCH less $$$ than this guy charged this homeowner, bet!!!

11:10 he actually claims, bogus BS, ‘There’s NO better way to waterproof a house…’, meaning what they did in video, un--------friccckkkkkenbelievable!

Adding clay soil and wood and french drain has NOT… waterproofed ANY dang house, chump-brains

32:25 mark, again he brings up rod holes… n like i said and frickkkken know, find/identify any and all problems first and that starts with removing some drywall inside if need be, jesus… this homeowner might only have had 10, 20 or 30 deteriorated rod holes, so why talk homeowner into french drain and adding clay soil that again i bet anyone they charged thousands, shttt let’s say 30 rod holes needed to be done, well… that’s 500-$600

If there is a crack and 30 rod holes then less than $3,000 which is LESS then what this guy charged.

Let’s say 60 rod holes needed to be done… around $1,000, waay LESS than what this guy charged 'em

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, he did NOT ‘waterproof’ this basement, HLLLLLLLLLL no!!!

32:45 mark, he says, 'Inside system would have cost more… and he claims if exterior waterproofing was done they would have screwed up the sprinkler system and torn up ALL the grass… what a friggin LIAR, just like most inside system salespeople… they’ll claim all kinds of crap to get $$$$

French fry drain guy, you did NOT waterproof this house, this basement by adding clay soil and french drain!!!

THIS homeowner almost got bs’d out of many thousands, she had several scammers over and ALL did NOT want to REMOVE some drywall… see for yourself, see some MOLD behind some drywall :50 mark , the mold would get worse HAD she hired French drain guys or inside system etc

… cost $300. plus drywall , still far below what a french drain co or INT system jerk would have tried bs’ing homeowner out of AND the actual problems were FIXED that would NOT have been fixed had she hired a french drain co or INT system chump


It takes all kinds to get the $ out of the unsuspecting.

Keep doing the good work, Mark! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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who was it that said a sucker is born every minute?


all they really needed was some flex seal on the inside of the drywall…I saw it on the internet so I know its true !!!


i didn’t HEAR anything in French drain video, all THAT TIME spent on video… about what kind of guarantee/warranty he gives homeowners that basement will not leak, hmmm, duration of video and he didn’t say how long guarantee is, common decency to viewers imo warrants how long guarantee is since he claims his sht is the BEST, pfftttttttttttttttttt, “There’s NO better way to waterproof a house”, my stinky azz man

It was James McKee from Ohio… :joy:

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