Anyone up here in Crystal River? Just got here and hoping the rain lets up so we can head out on the water tomorrow.

I’m in High Springs but I usually put my boat in Steinhatchee but scollops are like eating cartilage. Prefer to have a trout or a red for my efforts . Scallop hunting is like an Easter egg hunt for the kids!

Only if you over cook them.

They cook quickly and I know how to do it. :wink:

Mr. Larson
I can gig sting rays and punch out pieces of there wings with my 3/4 inch pipe sharpened on the end, and smother those pieces with what amounts to a clam chowder soup mix and you would never know the difference.
One small ray will equal 20 plus clams.
You may have them bigging up there.
This I truly don’t know…Minnesota ?

Scallops are great, hoping the rain let’s up for ya. Have fun

The scallops don’t know it’s raining.

I remember scalloping in New Port Richey long ago…not there anymore. Friskey little fellas…fast swimmers. What does rain have to do with it, you have to be in the water to get them.:cool:

I agree and have learned some about cooking them…TASTY! :smiley:

Send me some frozen ones and I will be the judge of that. :wink:

Scallops have a very delicate taste. Yum

Are you confusing clams with scallops?

I like clams too.

So far the weather is looking good for Sat. Good times hanging out here at the marina and bar with good people just having fun.

Have fun Wayne!


Once upon a time I made a choice East or West…Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice???

Thanks for all the well wishes. As you can see it was a fantastic day for the water and scallops.




Glad you got out there. The little neon blue eyeballs on those things always intrigued me. Did you eat a raw one? I was hazed that way the first time I went out.


Noooooo. When I was in the military I might have tried some things but in civilian life we have nice little coolers with snacks and beer :mrgreen:

Yea and that bacteria is floating around right now too.