The Beginning Of The End

The members of the ESOP and Nick had better take a long hard look at kicking out Roy Cooke and what effect that will have on the membership in Canada. Let’s not be stupid here gentlemen. The effect of removing Roy Cooke will have long lasting and unfortunate repercussions.

Think before you act. Once this step is taken is will be all downhill for I.N.A.C.H.I. here in Canada.

Anonymous threats do very little to affect the decisions of those making them, but thanks for you input.

Is there anyway we can have this thread cut off now before it blows out of proportion as others have?

Four Canadian InterNACHI members participated in ESOP discussions. I believe they weighed the pros and cons of their decision and a larger problem, with allowing the situation Mr. Cook created to go unchecked. I believe this amounts to a tempest in a tea kettle with regard to Canadian membership. Most simply see it for what it’s worth or do not care; nor should they.

One person does not define this association, except as it pertains to Nick.
Not me, not Roy, nobody.

As to Roy’s expulsion, I should remind everyone that was not ESOP’s decision, at this point, to release Roy.

It was Roy’s decision. He was found to be in violation of the COE, and was merely instructed to cease posting for a period of 14 days.

If he failed to comply, he would be expelled.
He failed to comply.
Even when reminded, he became defiant.
Nothing new.
As predictable as cream cheese, IMO.

Too say that ESOP is moving against Roy is absurd.
Roy has moved more swiftly against himself then any person or commttee could have.

Roy has no one to blame but Roy.

I hope you guys realize who Jr. is.

This was Roy’s plan from the get go.

Wrong Ken I just saw the post.
I have no plan other then doing as I always have and that is give help and information where and when I can.
Sorry to disapoint you.

Hey Ray!
Imagine a bucket filled 3/4 with water.

Now imagine Roy with his hand in the bucket.

Now imagine Roy pulling his hand out of the bucket of water…

THINK about how big a hole he will leave in the water!

THAT is how much Roy Cooke will be missed!


You have been far from helpful, IMO
Where and when you can?
Time will tell.

Thanks for your Confidence Joe.
Life is so short why not try and see if you can make a positive post and help some one.

Roy, if you took it upon yourself to make only positive posts and stopped wearing your emotions on your sleeve none of actions against you would have happened.

I’m sorry this has happened to you but you have given the decision makers no choice.

I hope one day you will understand.

This whole affair is reminiscent of the line in Casey at the Bat,

There is no joy in Mudville](

Was there a thread somewhere on the MB regarding this? If so, I must have missed it.

The ESOP has endured many poor remarks from members and non members abroad over recent decisions that had to be made. Know one that I have spoken too is happy or pleased with the outcome of any recent decision.

There is no doubt that more poor and hateful remarks are on the way. The ESOP is prepared to receive them all and will be more than willing to address any hard feeling.

All I can hope for is that any MEMBER who wants to say something will show respect by taking it to the Ethics section in the members only area.

The open forum is no place for you to express poor internal feelings.

Great idea Frank, but we both know who is not going to allow that to happen.

I agree also, if membership discussion is to take place it should be done in the appropriate section of the MB. enough has been said in the open sections. should a non member post hateful remarks, I would hope that members will refrain from responding.

It is hard for many to stand down and not defend themselves, maybe it can be done without the foul language. Steps have been taken but most feel it is necessary for them to defend themselves their own way.

However your statement may prove to be very good, thanks.

This is hardly “the beginning of the end”.

More scare tactics from a gutless wonder who os apparently too afraid to use his (or her) own name;-)

Being born into an Italian family, I know how hard it can be to prevent a hot headed response from escaping my lips, Just ask my wife;-). I don’t blame any ESOP member for the defensive remarks they made towards the Canadian members and/or non-members who feel it’s more pleasurable to start something than to be productive, such as marketing there business or maybe do an inspection every now and then. The simple truth is we know who we are dealing with and hopefully have learned a better defense than has been seen in the past.

I have found that if someone really annoys the stew out of you and you put them on ignore, it doesn’t matter what they say about you or anyone else. It is like one of those blank billboards on the highway going by. You can see their name as you go by but nothing else. Makes the drive more pleasant.

Thanks for your thought Michael but you have only a small amount of information .
Decisions should never be made in haste or with out all the Information.