School, boiler room leaks, electrical lines that go through the foundation wall

Explained to the people in charge here that if they wanted they could install a piece of garbage interior system INSTEAD of my azz/them taking the risk of j-hammering out 2’ x 4’ of concrete, solid concrete that DTE poured around and between the 4 main lines that come in through the foundation wall, which is one of the areas where they leak (under the porch that is inside the boiler room basement). The other leaky area is about 8’ away and it leaks because there is a crack in the foundation wall.

The COST to install an interior basement shttball system here would have cost at least 2 times as much as what we charged, at friggin least. Because they would have had to knock out that porch and replace it. There was a crack in the wall, under that porch plus 4-5 other exterior openings around the conduit lines that go through the foundation wall.

That concrete around the lines yeah, we know why they poured it around and between the lines but imo, it was waaay too damn much!

We have done/waterproofed around all kinds of gas lines and electric lines etc and 99% of all those throughout 37 years had nowhere near this amount of concrete around 'em. They mostly had some blocks or bricks and a LITTLE concrete around them… so if needed one could take the shttt out without having to use a J-HAMMER all around a frigggin electric line etc!!!

And to make matters worse here on this shttty risky job, as I j-hammered the concrete out, more and more water entered into the trench loooolloolllll. When I got about 1’ of the 2’ deep concrete out I was standing in 6-8" of friggin water with a j-hammer in my stinky lil hands with 4 main electric lines just below, fc me.

I took the job to ummm, save them money!!! Say again an interior system would have cost quite a bit more and would have cost more even without that porch. I also took the job because umm, I have bills looolll

And installing an interior system would NOT have stopped the water from where it was entering, water can ummm === mold. Thankfully it all worked out but… risky mfr. One SLIP, and down the hole you fall (eerrr one slip and ZAP your azz, lights out)

Had DTE seeked a lil guidance on how to properly waterproof the wall in this area, this work would not have been necessary. We fairly often see the same kind of crap with/around gas lines.

One Slip, Pink Floyd …‘a glazed look and i was on the road to ruin’

I stopped a water leak on our well feed that goes through our foundation wall by using hydraulic cement and some waterproofing paint. All repairs were done from the inside. No digging required. Haven’t had a leak in over 10 years. Go figure. Got milk?

Well Mr Linas, that’s nice for you. Poured wall huh?

A FEW can do that and get lucky for 10-20 years yep. The paint did nothing, waste of money.

I have stated here repeatedly that a few who have a poured wall crack/leaks to vee into the dumb azz crack and fill the biiiicth with hydraulic cement, some lasted 10-20 yrs…so? What are you saying Mr Linas… you know somethings on this subject I don’t? Is that what your saying sir?

You go ahead and try that or recommend that crap to homeowners on poured wall cracks or any block or brick wall/leaks and see what happens… got MILK?

37 years versus, somebody’s 1 fix… on a poured wall pipe? loooll Okay, if you say so. Too bad Linas most people’s problems aren’t what you had, they have cracks etc.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
Got milk?

You mean the truth in all my videos and hoto albums posted and 37 years no complaints versus ummm, one 10 year example of a patch job where a line enters, wow.

See again, another Nachi home inspector who can’t bring his azz to say anything nice like, eh Mark, good job or wow those interior basements system companies suck, lie…nope. Just one lame example which has nothing to do with a leaky crack, whatever man. Hey, why don’t you go ahead and jump into this business since you seem like an expert

Mr. Dapkus, what happened on that yelp-review? Maybe take care of what it is you supposedly do well instead of shtting on honest experienced mfrs like my azz, damn sobs man.

How many Nachi hi’s are drinking a little too much booze or maybe popping too many pills… huh? G damn looll