Wasps in main panel

So I came across a main panel outdoors. When I removed the deadfront, there was a wasps nest inside. It is amazing I didn’t get stung! I don’t know who to recommend to come fix it though…thoughts?

Vacuum them out of the panel . Add a few moth balls and put a rag in the hose when done .

Go to your truck and get the wasp spray.

Don’t leave home in the fall without your wasp spray.

True, but remember not to direct a stream of liquid wasp spray into the panel!
That could be a shocking experience! :shock:

We don’t have outside panels here, maybe a disconnect at best on the exterior.
But everytime I open any enclosure on the exterior in the warm months I’m very careful. I usually give it a whack and get ready to run.

Once I was inspecting a dock that had a boat lift. Two plastic boxes covered the motors. Hot day in July. I opened one cover and it was full of very surprised and angry wasps! I took off down the dock so fast I practically fell on my face.
The buyer was about 10 feet away and just stood stock still.
Turns out he was allergic!

Luckily we weren’t stung but it sure taught me a lesson.

Pic is from a recent panel that a snake seemed to be using!
Amazing it didn’t get fried.

6 people sent to hospital after bee attack in Maricopa, Arizona,

** subdivision; hive killed**

Associated Press
November 1, 2015 — 1:10am

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MARICOPA, Ariz. — The Maricopa, Arizona, fire department says that six people were sent to the hospital Saturday afternoon after a swarm of bees attacked residents in a subdivision.
The department says in a news release that the bees hit the Rancho El Dorado subdivision about 5 p.m. and attacked people in a two-block-long area.
People ran and screamed for help.
The department says a total of three adults and three children were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of the stings.
One of the adults had nearly 300 bee stings counted at the hospital.
The department says the two firefighters who were also stung during the rescue did not need treatment at the hospital.
It took fire crews about two hours to find the hive in an opened water valve box at one of the homes.
The bees were sprayed with foam, and the hive was contained and killed.