Stumped again

Anyone got any idea what the thing on the vent is?

That’s a flux capacitor. Those rods are made to attract a lightning bolt and harness the power to create 1.21 gigawatts. Did you see a plutonium reactor inside somewhere? Maybe in the attic?

I thought maybe it was for locating groundhogs. While they’re underground.

It was once a christmas ornament. :shock:

Bird stop.

From birds perching on top of a vent? What harm would that do? Thanks Dom, but I don’t think that’s it.
Is this an antennae of some sort?

I agree with Dom. Looks like from the country the house is in, Hawks and Eagles they make a lot of noise when on the vent as well pulling on it or just off setting the cap.

That is the call home antenna for aliens to call for a UFO taxi.

RBS lighting mitigation?

You beat me to it.

My thoughts was along the lines of a bird stop as to keep small animals away from damaging or entering the vent opening.

How about a rodent rotisserie!!

I think you guys are right in saying birds, but I think this is from CO, and in CO various types of woodpeckers make a real racket at certain times of the pounding on vents trying to attract a mate and marking territory. This is kind of elaborate for bird deterrence, but that racket gets really annoying after a while and the woodpeckers can be real determined. I’ll bet this thing spins in the wind.