Screw size for kitchen cabinets

Anyone know that appropriate screw size and type for hanging and installing kitchen cabinets?

The size of the screw depends on the thickness of the cabinet nailers and drywall.

Is this for your home?

Typically, 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" with a button head and shear strength is adequate with a minimum of 4 per cabinet…#8 or #10.

Yea it is. 1/2 in drywall.

Don’t know the thickness of the cabinet nailers yet, they are being delivered tomorrow am.

Thanks Larry.

Larry is correct Mark. And here are a couple of links.
I like to use the GRK’s.

Thanks Marcel, I’ll have to look for those at the big box store. The self tapping is an awesome functionality.

Do you use the same screw for fastening the cabinets to their neighbors as well, or just to the wall?

No, for mating the cabinet stiles, you want to use a flat head torx, square drive, or philips #8 usually about 2"-2-1/2" long depending on the width of the stile, pre-drilled of course. Two on each side. :slight_smile: