SD Real Estate Commission appoved our FREE online Pool & Spa Inspection course.

South Dakota Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI’s free, online How to Inspect Pools and Spas course.

I have never seen business in KC here so low for home inspectors in over 10 years. I am seriously considering becoming a full time bus driver at $11.90 an hour. It is better than doing home inspections at this time. Being a CMI, a new Kansas licensed inspector, thousands of dollars in advertising, exposure on, a great web site, all has not helped.

Most home owners that have pools are not using them all to save money and energy. Keep trying these new ideas. We all need them drastically.

You should move to Boulder. You can’t hire high school kids here for less then $17/hour and we basically have 100% employment.

I know I sound flip in saying “move.” But I moved to Boulder from Philadelphia for economic reasons. I don’t see why anyone is living in Detroit at all in lieu of the fact that U-Haul rents one-way.