I am a Licensed NJ Home Inspector with a start up business. We all know the trials and troubles of a start up business. I am relocating to the Weeki Wachi/ Spring Hill area of Florida. I intend to continue doing home inspections after I complete the requirements to secure a Florida license. I intend to perform quality, detailed and ethical Home inspections in this area of Florida. The question for me is- “Do I start up a new business and struggle through the start-up trials and tribulations or do I buy a business?”:roll: I am looking for wisdom and feedback from your experience, knowledge, connections or personal interests in relation to this question. I am posting on this forum and I am a member of this organization, because of the quality of Inspectors that I have seen on this site and I have found the site and organization to be quite impressive. I welcome your feedback.
Chuck Bakker
Watchman Home Inspections, llc.

It all depend on who you are and what you know.
I can not see a clear avenue in buying in . Since most agent know their inspector and use them.
I recommend doing an upstart and establishing your own client base. .

There are a lot of factors. You will not be working in my area but let me know if you want to come and visit.

Where in NJ are you coming from?

Preston- I am in Central, NJ. I am in a state that has the one of the most stringent requirements for getting a license in the country. Texas may be as tough as NJ is. I have worked on the Old Mike Tyson estate, Robert wood Johnson (J+J) and am currently the Estate Manager for the Family who’s Grandfather was one of the 3 that Started 3M. I perform Home Inspections as a side business, just in case.

I am originally from NJ. Was in business there from 1998

So, what brought you to Sunny Florida? Other than the moving truck?

I had a vacation condo in florida and then wife, kids and you know how that changes everything. It is different here. A lot of good and bad but palm trees and beautiful ocean as well as a wonderful family makes everything perfect! Although the food sucks and that’s the only thing that takes me back north.

I grew up in Wayne

Wayne Wilson?..I knew he was fat, but not that fat!

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Oh, I am in Bedminster, right now.

I am certain that there are many NY metro guys down there. I will feel right at home!!

Thanks for your input!! I wonder if there are any oportunities ; to purchase a business or start one or even work as a sub for someone in the Spring Hill, Weeki Wachi area?