Sears to begin offering home inspections.

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Beginning of the end for all of us ?
Including NACHI

Having worked for Sears I can tell you that anything they touch is going to double the price of it since they are middle man and then the Sub will pay the Inspectors at $100-$150 @,just watch.
400 Inspections a year sounds good till you think about all the work and little reward for the little man.

That means YOU.

Good side is they will be priced out of business to some extent, much as they are in other fields.

The name is what they have going for them ,so people can use their plastic Discover card.

It’s good news. Sears knows how to charge.

I see your point:mrgreen:

Kinda like how Unions help set pay scales.

Go Sears>>>>>

Somehow the liability completely disappears as well. I have had family work for them, and is is JUST as Bob said. They will make WAY more money than the guy doing all the work, and they will cut you out the minute someone else can do it for $10 bucks cheaper.

Sears and Kmart are owned by the same company. Do you hear Blue Light Inspection Sales :mrgreen:

I suspect they will have a tough time finding people. There is a split on the price of the job and a non-compete clause in the details


Maybe Wal-Mart can also get into home inspecting LOL

If Sears Canada operates this like Home Depot Canada operates the In Home Services the Home Inspector will be paid very little and have 100% liability. I have been involved with H.D. for the past 14 years and the Home Services program is a pyramid pay system which end results is a qualified or not qualified contractor being paid at most 25% of the selling price to the client.(Sears will likely want NO LIABILITY)These big outfits are outstanding with customer service (most of the time)but are a nightmare for a contractor.You will have unqualified ASSociates promising the world just to make a sales quota,my advise is to stay away from them and let them burn the candle from both ends and fizzle out.Once Sears starts the fire every other Big Box will want a pce of the pie, keep away !!

Great post thanks Gene…

It may go the way of Sears Pest Control. I know someone who used to work for Sears Pest Control and got fed up with the way the treated the customers, the quality of services and left to open his own operation. He is going like gang busters and his business is bursting at the seams. The most respected bug smasher in the area.

The announcement of the C&D - Sears plan is really nothing new. Alan Carson predicted this over 5 years ago, as a featured speaker at the CAHPI Conference. It just is simply a new business opportunity that will potentially impact many home inspectors.

The upside to this, is Sears/Kmart will spend a ton of cash on advertising/promoting the home inspection industry. It will only help all of us in the long run.

Wishful thinking - I wouldn’t hold my breathe on that!

Let’s see… a $2.1 billion dollar budget in 2008 for advertising… You honestly think they’re not going to spend on their new baby???,69718,69718

Good point, but a contact indicated much of the money will be spent on store expansions and renovations. Certainly expanding their products and market presence.

25% is what they paid me on my quotes ,so **I think you are dead on **,and all issues came from my paycheck.

Sears has no business doing home inspections. Cleaning ducts is more then they can handle. Very bad idea, it will just make it worse for home inspectors in Canada.