Seeking Mentor in Vancouver-BC Area

I am seeking field experience and looking to be mentored by CanNACHI inspector in the lower mainland Vancouver area.

About Me – I am in the late 50’s and have several years experience in the construction industry as a residential general contractor.


Try going to the site here: This is a list of all registered CanNACHI members in B.C.

I would suggest you post on the message board at CanNACHI directly, but it doesn’t seem to be highly utilised. Contacting each inspector directly might be a better option.

Do not go to cannachi.
Go to AlbertaNachi and you will be taken care of by the first wave of Licensed Home Inspectors.
Cannachi does not provide what InterNachi does period.
If you have no Home Inspection experience then sign up at InterNachi and study every day for about a year. After this then someone may mentor you.

You expect the guy to go 600 miles? Still crazy after all these years. :roll:

AlbertaNachi will know who you can trust in BC to get to the level of CCHI. There are most likely ones that will steer you in the wrong direction.
Not everything you can find at InterNachi and the last part Mentoring should not be done in your own area unless you sign a no compete clause and work for the Individual you were mentored by.

That’s BS. Once again, it is over 600 miles away. It is highly unlikely that from that distance, they would know any inspectors, let alone the best to help with mentoring. Do you have personal, not internet information, about the best inspectors in Montreal? Winnipeg? Same distance and different provinces.

The non-compete clause would only be used to protect those doing the training, not the person being trained. Believe it or not there are many inspectors that will train others working in their local area. Some charge a fee, some do not.

Nicely put Stephen.

How close are you to the Canadian border, and how easy (legally) would it be for you to go to BC to mentor if it came to it? Maybe there are other U.S. Inspectors who would provide the service. I know it’s easier for you guys to travel North in Ontario than it is for us to travel south into NY for the same service. At least then we could keep it all “in the family” so to speak.

I respect you Stephen but you are in the US. It is not the same in Canada. I have connections with the individual who started the Mentoring and you do not.
I also have connections of why you should only go to Alberta Chapter but that is not the issue here.

I am too far south at about 200 miles. I only travel into Vancouver for the yearly Buildex Convention. But there are many, very qualified inspectors in the Bellingham, WA locale that is only 50 miles away. The border crossing at Blaine isn’t too bad except on holiday weekends when it can be backed up for hours.

Not sure what the legalities are for US inspectors to mentor in BC. From what I know, they have licensing laws through Consumer Protection BC. That is sort of my point. The distance is a problem. The differences between laws in the different provinces or states can be vast.

But what do you know about BC? Anything? It is over 2200 miles away.

I was in BC and in Alberta. I was there when InterNachi was fighting for recognition of Inspectors. I was also at the meeting.
I am still in contact with the Individuals fighting for the same recognition for InterNachi.
It is now going to be the same problem in Ontario from what can see happening.
Remember there are 13 Associations all wanting a piece of the Big Pie.
Consumer Services will not fall prey to the few Associations that feel they should be in control.

There are only 8 Home Inspector focused Associations in Ontario Kevin. Count them:

  1. ASHI
  2. CAHPI
  3. CanNACHI
  4. InterNACHI
  5. OAHI
  6. OntarioACHI
  7. NHICC
  8. PHPIC

ASHI is not represented at the meeting, except perhaps by Pillar to Post, and maybe Mike Holmes Inspection, although I can’t confirm either of those from the information I’ve been given.

The other stakeholders are made up of independent companies, government agencies, organizations that deal specifically with construction standards and procedures, insurers and Real estate representatives.

Of course everyone wants a piece of the pie, that’s what they, and us are all invested in. No one organisation should own it all, or control everything.

I don’t believe any of us at the table think that, you have said, the government in talks with you, Chris, myself and I’m sure all the others have said that, so why do you keep stirring the pot insisting that that’s the case?

What the Inspectors need in Ontario right now are facts, not fiction and assumptions.

NHICC members keep telling us that is not an association.
There is one more for sure, you Missed [FONT=Trebuchet MS][/FONT]

The FNNBOA Story

First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA) is a national non-profit organization.


The watch dog told me 13!

Stephen, do not question the ALLCAPS! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING!


You either don’t know how to read or are fixated on CAPS comments only.

I’m only going from the written list the WATCH DOG sent out, and you published.

Still can’t count 13.

That is because there is not some that were invited for various reasons.
I will ask him next time I talk to him.
The list means nothing as it may change and only then we will know the full group to be at the meetings.
I would think a man in your position would be careful to not comment at this time.

Why not? you did

Well even the US Inspectors are pissed at your group!