Self Inspection've been replaced

Thought you guys would enjoy this. Looks like Universal Property and Casualty doesn’t need licensed professionals anymore. The homeowners can just do their own inspections. :smiley:

What could go wrong? :roll:

They have not accepted 4 Points from Licensed Inspectors for some time now. They sent their own people out or contracted to one of the big 3. We have UPC and at that time they sent somebody out. All they are doing is taking photos so an person sitting at a desk makes a determination. Pretty sure you can blame the inspectors who go beyond what the basic form calls for. Now they are showing us all they need is photos of the basic items. So easy a dummy can do it.

Going back to what a 4pt should be. Got any updates!

Well best of luck to them. I’m just trying to figure out how you determine if a house has Aluminum branch wiring when your not even required to remove the panel face.

I actually just completed a 4 Point for a potential UPC policy holder. The home was denied coverage in its current state because it had cloth conductors, which is against their underwriting guidelines for coverage. That is an example of something that would have never been caught under their proposed “self inspection” program.

Interesting because it says they will accept a full home inspection under certain circumstances.

Careful suggesting that your clients send their home inspection report to their insurance agent. I have heard that once the insurance company has a copy of the home inspection report they automatically assume the home inspector is their ‘man-in-the-field’ and will demand that your report be upgraded as repairs are conducted.

I make it perfectly clear to my clients that I work for them and have no obligation to their insurance agent if they should decide to share their report with their agent.

It is not my job, nor is it part of my contract to return to a property to monitor repairs that my license does not grant jurisdiction to approve. Beware… Many insurance companies assume that the home inspector is required to field monitor and report on repairs. When it comes to approving repairs home inspectors are not the authority having jurisdiction especially if the repair work required a building permit.

Hi Mr. Burkeson,

I am in agreement with you. I would not recommend using a full home inspection in place of a four point. I was merely pointing out the contrast of UPC accepting a “self inspection” and a full home inspection report with nothing in between. Seems like two extreme ends of the spectrum to me.

As a business they can do what they like. It will be comical when they issue a bunch of policies with erroneous base rates due to “self inspection” by a homeowner. They will probably then request rate increases through the State citing financial loss. That increased rate will be passed down to all other policy holders in the form of premium. All because the company, through their own fault, implemented a poor company policy that allowed homeowners to perform their own inspection.

So who’s bringing the popcorn? :slight_smile:

home inspector? psshh who needs em! in the not too distant future…