4 Point Photos

For the second time now in less than a month, I have received a kick back from Citizens regarding homes with swimming pools. They are asking for photographs of the pool showing that the water level is full and clear, and the pool secured (fence/poolcage) and free of slides/diving boards. Not saying anyone needs to include these, but if its present you may want to start taking the afore mentioned photos to save yourself a trip back out or bothering the owner again.

From Citizens or the agent? I would like to see the note from underwriting.

Direct from Citizens underwriting, not the agent/agency.

I would tell them tough crap and send them their own form showing the requirements as stated by them.

I sure as hell would not go back out there and do anything.

I may for the client have them take the photos and stick it in the report.

Citizens is run by complete idiots.

Have had two in the last few weeks. Re inspect four points , the first one was kinda my fault but the second one was somebody else. Trampoline on the first and it was Tower hill. The second was a pool slide with policy cancel from UPC. I guess we may end up having to hide a simple water hose.:mrgreen:

Yep only include what must be included. Or as I have been saying for years the CLIENT WILL SUFFER.

Home Inspectors have fluffed the heck out of 4 points which have caused a great many of these issues.

Those doing them before home inspectors only did what was required and they realized who was paying their fees.

They did not take no crap from the insurance companies and we had none of these problems.

Soon after forms like the Nachi 4 point hit the scene these problems and THE CITIZENS 4 POINT became the standard.

All were warned no one gave a crap :frowning:

I still offer a non Citizens 4 point at a different rate.

Thanks for the heads up.

If you want more than the form requires, you pay more…

Amen :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that the underwriter needs/want the images and most of the time the agents provide them. They may take them personally. It appears that the agent wants you to do it with the inspection. We do take them, if the agent needs it they are on hand to send.

So do I but, they don’t go in the four-point.

I just stick to the main pics.
Front and rear elevation, pics of the electrical panel with and without dead front on.
and a couple pics of the roofing. And pics of any issues.

We had two 4 Points recently that had the little kiddie pools in them. Citizens made the client remove the kiddie pools or loose coverage.

These were the litle 20 dollar plastic kiddie pools.

How did they know it was there ?

What does a kid pool have to do with HVAC, plumbing, electrical or the roof? Will we now have to do a Health, safety or hazard inspection to have insurance coverage for the AC system?


And how do they know they were kiddie pools?
They may have been for cats or dogs.

Just had a child drown in an unprotected pool here in Pinellas Park…That’s going to be one expensive payout. but I suppose even if it was government mandated protected, it would still be one expensive payout.

It is government mandated protection. There are LAWS for protecting a swimming pool…

(2) A person who fails to equip a new residential swimming pool with at least one pool safety feature as required in subsection (1) commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083, except that no penalty shall be imposed if the person, within 45 days after arrest or issuance of a summons or a notice to appear, has equipped the pool with at least one safety feature as required in subsection (1) and has attended a drowning prevention education program established by s. 515.31. However, the requirement of attending a drowning prevention education program is waived if such program is not offered within 45 days after issuance of the citation.