Seller and buyer plumbing concern

Just finished an inspection and found this…
Both buyer and seller were present…
Conversation went like this…
Inspector: I see you have a small problem with the drain here.
Buyer: Oh my! What should we do?
Seller: Oh…no need to worry, I forgot to fix that, I will upgrade and repair that.
Buyer: Good, how long will it take you?
Seller: Not long, I just need to go get some duct tape and it should be fine…
At that point I had all I could do to not laugh so hard I was going to hurt myself.
I told buyer that I will write it up recommending a plumber perform the proper repairs.

Why was the seller present?

No agent. For sale by owner.

Learned long ago to never do inspections with the seller present…fizzbo or no fizzbo. If they insist on staying or have nothing better to do, I make it clear to stay out of my way and that nothing will be discussed with them regarding any findings.

They always have an easy cure or a rational explanation for everything, no matter what it is :wink:

True dat!!!

Never bothers me when the seller is there.

You can learn a lot when a seller runs his/her mouth. :wink:

I agree, I don’t have sellers present often but if they are I’ll ask them all sorts of questions!

If the seller is a pest I also start asking questions…“what is the story behind that ceiling stain”, “I see evidence of water infiltration in the basement, how often does water come in” …they seem to disappear very quickly.

You are full of crap…

Why is it that everyone else is full of crap except you. I heard you eat Sh** and howl at the moon is there any truth to that rumor:D

I guess so…
My life is so boring I have nothing better to do than to stay up all night just I can make up stuff…
Do you believe that?:roll:

nearly went toe to toe with seller a couple weeks ago in a similar situation, being a FSBO. He said I was going into to much detail and literally began yelling at me. My clients didn’t have any complaints. I learned to be clear in the future with sellers if they are present for whatever reason that they are welcome as long as they don’t interfere with my clients inspection.

Buying and selling a home is an emotional time. I can understand how having someone come to your home and pick it apart could be agitating to some people.

On another note yesterday the seller was at the inspection with a licensed contractor making some repairs. They were both friendly and appreciated me being thorough and they had a lot of great information to share. I guess some people are just crazy.