sellers vs PB pipe

Has anyone heard back from many clients as to how the presence of non-leaking PB pipe was handled during the repair negotiations?

We have agents that like to quote “functioning as intended”.

I think plumbing systems were intended to function without undue worry of catastrophic property damage so they are in fact faulty/problematic even when not leaking at the time of the inspection.

Of course, the repair negotiations could get complicated depending on whether or not the system has PB2110 or PB 2110M pipe, plastic, metal insert or brass connectors. Also, whether or not the water source has chlorine.

There was a half page ad in the paper today about problems with PB pipe (an ad type thing with a reference to I told my wife that it’s a good thing I made sure my clients knew about it first - and not from reading it in the paper.

Hi Bruce,

I tend to go with the “there’s 2 kinds of PB” philosophy

  • The stuff that’s leaking
  • The stuff that’s going to start leaking!