SEO Sart up without paying more

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I am trying to set up the SEO as detailed in the webinar. Not wanting to purchase another site, I can not get past wanting me to purchase an upgrade.
Are the instructions somewhere free ?[quote=“Ben Gromicko, post:1, topic:234019, full:true, username:bgromicko1”]
Part 2 Getting Started with SEO

Part 2: Getting Started with SEO for Home Inspector Websites

Friday, October 11, 2023
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT


In the previous webinar that introduced the topic of SEO for home inspector websites, we learned how search engines work. Now let’s talk about how to design and optimize your inspector website for search engines. When it comes to SEO, there are no shortcuts. First, you must create an SEO strategy for your home inspector website. And that’s where this webinar begins. Join us for Part 2.

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I had been viewing the webinar, but to perform the SEO checklist, on WIX, requires that I use their service and signup for their service.
I have a website and provider.
Do instructions exist that do not requirement payment for use of other websites?

Right, @aroberts5. To get a personalized SEO checklist from Wix, you have to use Wix.

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So there is no free SEO from internachi. It is THAT complicated, that even InterNACHI says you can do it and drives you to a site too pay even more.
That is not FREE SEO, it is PPC.
I will continue to research ways to increase my SEO during these times of trouble.
Even the title said “SEO Sart up without paying more”. Did not even spell start correctly.
Are there any other no cost option that NACHI has for home inspectors, I have spent my time viewing a NO COST solution, that was too expensive.
How much does it cosr to use " [Inspection Business & Marketing Made Simple by InterNACHI®". Does it cover SEO, Google Marketing, or is it just another selling platform for you?

If I had an unending amount of cash, as you think we all do, I would be playing not working.
Do you have a SEOP start up without paying more - as your WEBINAR is titled.

Albert Roberts.
Yes even the ones that say free will always end up wanting money. It is a difficult thing.
I would recommend searching google for home inspection service in different areas and using different search terms. See what sites are at the top of the page that are organic (organic means they are not paid adds). Then look at those sites and what they do as they are seen by google as worthy of top page. Then search those addresses on Free Backlink Checker by Ahrefs: Check Backlinks to Any Site and see what back links they have used. Chances are you will be able to use some of them too. If they have used seo service you will run into some sites that are paid bs sites that are just to boost seo. Sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. Look at the rating tools at ahrefs.

Be very careful with seo companies. They all promise the world. Hope that helps. its to bad our forum was not open to the public as that would help us too.