Septic inspection in Missouri?

Does missouri require licensing for septic inspection? If so were can I find the info for missouri?

Yes, you need to be first of all a licensed installer, then secondly a licensed inspector. Some county’s also have additional requirements.

1st contact the MO Dept of Health and Senior Services. Search for OWTS (On-Site Water Treatment Systems)

2nd contact Greene County Resources Mgmt. Dept. Tell them what you are doing, and ask them if there is anything you need to know. 417-868-4147

3rd contact Springfield-Greene County Public Health Center Tell them what you are doing, and ask them if there is anything you need to know. 417-864-1657

4th Send me 1% of your first years septic evaluation gross for information rendered. :mrgreen:

Yes, Missouri requires certification.
Go to (www.DHSS.Mo.Gov) Information is on that site.
You have to pass a installers course (Septic Installation) First,
Then, take an inspection course. Ones in Jeff City and the others in Columbia.
The Inspectors course is given twice a year. I don’t think you can make the May
Class because the installers course is one day away.
The next inspection course they told me would be in Sept. or Oct.
Cost for both courses and fees ($710.00)
Good Luck

This is too late to help ejones but for others needing Septic Inspection in Missouri, Here is the formal link to the exact page for Missouri because the site is not straight forward at times. :wink:

Note, I have gone through this list before and called most of the numbers when my son was dealing with an inspection on a home that went really wrong. Many of these people, though listed, do not do Inspections anymore because of the stricter State requirements and the fact that they will own the system if they Certify it and it has problems.

On the list, the cream of the crop in my opinion is John Frank Jr with ARK Plumbing. Amazing guy, has saved my Clients up to $24000 even on a Realtor owned home where everything was supposedly checked the year before.

Inspections typically run $350-450 unless you have a situation like where it was a fly by night out of business guy that put in "NEW system recently only to find out, he never pulled permits, never designed right, dropped it on bedrock, broke a lid and got mud left sitting in it to destroy field, and numerous other issues. Then you may want Soil Morphology test done and some camera visuals in the laterals and may be around $600

Steve Anzelc CCI CPI