Service and roof framing

Shown is the meter box outside the house, in basement 2- 200 amp panels side by side-based on the meter should only be rated for a 200 amp panel I believe- how should this be written up please. also, additional sub panels fed by these 200 amp panels.


Also, same house in attic, rafter framing suspect- 32 year old house no issues in past. Their are sections of rafters supported(slightly) by top chord of trusses. This just doesn’t look right, maybe an extreme version of a birds mouth cut.


That amateur attic installation needs correction by a qualified framing contractor…to say the least!

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Thank you Larry, any commentary on the electric question?

Yes, go to a big box store and buy a few inches of each SEC (Service Entrance Conductor) and attach them to a roll up canvas , or such. Then you can pull that out and compare it with what is in the service cabinet for verification. Make sure you get pieces with the size writing on them when you cut off a piece of SEC.

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Forget the meter, that is POCO territory.

To size your service, use the lesser of:

  • the SEC
  • the service disconnect breaker
    -the capacity of the panel board cabinet
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Don’t have an issue with confirming wire sizes - my question was the 2-200 amp panels in the basement and the correctness or not with the meter set up in picture? Each of the panels is fed by the meter- the picture shows the 2 SE cables under the meter box.

Fine…it is 2- 200 amp service disconnects.

I understand that with one panel , but what is the write up for 2-200 amp panels-just that - house has 2-200 amp panels- I’ve just read threads on this forum about something similar-with different commentary-wanted clarity - thx

I changed your comment a little.

Great - thank you!