Service Drop in the Soffit

Anyone ever see this before? Service drop and I assume gooseneck?? Are in the soffit…

That’s strange. Wonder what made them think that was okay?

At one time the eaves were open and then closed in leaving the gooseneck inside the soffit.
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That’s my exact thought Scott. I’m sure the rafter tails were all rotted on this 121 year old home and covering it up was less work.

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The service conduit is not even strapped to the wall. It was likely pulled out a little to slip the siding in behind (no offset where it enters soffit). I hope the soffit material is vinyl and not aluminum, I’ve not seen that style of soffit materials up here.

well that will certainly keep it out of the weather !

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That is not good… :flushed:

It should look like this!
Thanks to Larry I got it right :cowboy_hat_face:

circuit breaker panel extra2

circuit breaker panel6

circuit breaker panel5