Service Entry Pipe

Other than replacement, is there an approved repair method for a damaged underground service entry pipe?
I’ve seen people do dumb things like put a half of coffee can around it.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Riser/Raceway (the conduit that physically protects wires going to the meter box)

If it is damaged above ground then it is most likely corroded underground and should be checked by a pro.

Thanks Bob!
I’m of the opinion it must be replaced, meaning a licensed electrician has to pull a permit,
then the electric company has to turn off the power at their box that may be up to a hundred feet away.
Then the pipe can be replaced with a new one.

At least in Florida, this galvanized pipe from the home’s main disconnect goes into the ground a few feet,
then it’s just the underground cable.
I don’t think a “patch” is a proper/safe repair.
It costs around $700.

Personally would never quote anything which will require a more invasive look simply because I do not know.

…of course there is still the coffee can option.:slight_smile:

In many jurisdictions that riser is the responsibility of the customer and not the utility. However, it is the coordination with the utility that results in these things not actually getting fixed.

Here is a link to ConEds explanation of who owns the repairs…and it is typical.

Now with that said, they do make protective sleeves that are seen on utility poles in many situations that will provide protection to the conductors…and raceway in this case… might be an option to consider.

Thanks Paul.
Yeah, Florida Power & Light will tell you it’s their cables inside your pipe & have a nice day.