Service Lateral Damage

I routinely find corroded electrical service laterals beachside. I verified with our utility company some time ago that these conduits are the property and responsibility of the homeowner. I, of course, recommend a licensed electrical contractor be contacted to resolve this safety issue immediately.

Does anyone know how these conduits are properly repaired / replaced?

Jeff Tatlock
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I’d guess that you would need to dig a new trench and run new conduit. Although metallic conduit tends to corrode more where it exits the ground there is no telling what it looks like beneath the dirt.

Around here one would need the POCO to shut the power off and the homeowner’s electrical contractor to install the riser.

On residential there is, typically, no underground conduit for the lateral only the riser to below ground 18 to 24 inches or whatever the requirement. Plastic is used mostly.

On new builds, the riser is left there, by the elec contractor, to be installed along with the lateral wire to the meter by the POCO.