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Well guys, I got my first lead from Service Magic today, and it was a doozy!

So, here it is...

Home Inspection, historic status, mega buck$, gated TOWN (yes, town...), 10,000 square feet main house, severe fire damage 15 years ago, originally built in 1900.

Not for nuthin', guys (and I have a set that could fit in a wheelbarrow), I turned it away. Three magic factors: (1) 10,000 sq feet (main building, not counting servants quarters, garages, out buildings, etc), (2) historic status, and (3) Fire damage all translated into "Professional Engineer/Architect" to me. Not even counting that the property was most likely valued at $2mil + , in this commnity...

Thought of actually calling some of you in to participate. Like I said, I rarely shy away from anything, but this one gave me the Orphan Annies...


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Shall we end NACHI's relationship with ServiceMagic? I havn't had much good feedback. What does everyone say. Stay? Gotta go?


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I'm not seeing anything fundamentally wrong with the arrangement. This inspection was beyond my insurance limitations and clearly beyond the scope of what a majority of contractors regularly look at. It's not Service Magics fault that my first lead was for a historical mansion with previous fire damage.

The biggest complaint I have with Service Magis is their lack of customer service support. Sure, they talk about it, but their "live chats" suck. When you need to call them, you're put into queue forever (never pick up). Also, no human is ever available at the end ofht eir announcements. Very frustrating. I had a problem with the way they listed my limits of liability on the Web site. I didn't want the bublic to see a big fat $1mil policy. Asking them to remove this was like performing neurosurgery. I also found them to be quite confused with regard to what is required as to licensing and insurance state to state. I sent them 3 nasty e-mails with no response. I finally sent an e-mail to that Pendleton dude. He called me back today.

I just checked my profile. They removed my termite inspection license info. They believe that insurance is required to do this, and since I refuse to allow them to list my limits of liability, have removed the cert from my profile. Like I said, they are very difficult.

However... they are a cheap date. $50 to join and $10 per accepted lead is far less than what some "find an inspector" services provide. So, I'll wait and see. We should use our clout to help them clean up their act, though. But can them? I don't know. I think it's still too early to tell. Its a nice idea. Let's see if we can get it to work. BTW, if you dont get this Pendleton guy, they haven't a clue about any discount with NACHI.


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I sent you an email regarding YTD Foxton - aside from that I did start to fill out application from ServiceMagic, found area of licensing to be a problem in the application. I feel the same way about disclosing insurance information, it’s like taping a target to your back.

I think they need to regroup their requirements and procedures to be more in line with current state of inspections in New York.
I was also unable to find any county or zip code listing for my area in New York.

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They are difficult. You have to deal directly with Pendleton (that’s his name) to get anyone to listen. Got another lead today, which I paid for. The guy was shopping. He’ll let me know tomorrow if he wants me. I figure he found someone else, maybe cheaper, or he would have called me back by now.