Service Panel Critique

I’m assuming the way they attached the pigtail under the neutral lug is not correct???

There’s a double tap on the breaker to the left, 3rd from bottom.

Neutrals and grounds mixed and/or double tapped with each other.

A neutral and ground double tapped at neutral lug at top right.

Double pole breaker at top right…white wire should be reidentified.

Abandoned wires at bottom of enclosure.

I’ve never seen a panel design this poor…at least not newer ones. ( 1997 )
Neutral and ground bars are nearly right behind the breakers…very hard to see everything.

Anyone care to comment???


I’m old, do you have a larger photo, or a set of closeup photos(top, middle, bottom)?

I’ve grown lazy, since digital photos are so cheap, and take lots of photos.


But you mentioned enough. Recommend further evaluation by a trained electrician for possible repair/replacement.