Service Panel Defects

This is a GTE Sylvania (Not Stab-Lok). Besides different breakers, rust, a few double taps, wire(s) not identified… Anything else?

looks like you have grounds and neutrals under the same screw.

What type of breakers are the ones at the bottom of the left bar. They might not be “compatible”

T&B … Thomas&Betts

yes, plenty of grounds and neutrals, and corrosion to accompany them.

Is there anti-oxidant paste at the aluminum wire terminations?

Some of the Sylvania breakers were also very similar to Zinsco Magnatrip and had problems with triping. alot of breakers may not be for that panel.

Looks fine Chris…just needs some anti-oxidant as previously stated.

Love the smell of a Sylvania cooking in the morning–:wink:

I need to look it up again but I am pretty sure that anti-oxidant is recommended but not required by Code.

Anti-oxidant is not required by the NEC, unless the manufacturers instructions call for its use.