Service panel location

I realize this panel has inadequate working space. Panels should not be located in bathrooms, closet or in a cabinet?

How bout in the laundry room so you can wash your clothes and work on the panel at the same time?

If you cannot stand directly in front of the panel, facing it, without anything between you and the panel… it is wrong!

I just open the panel door and use it as a drying rack… :shock:

While technically a violation of the work space requirements , the access is better than many. The washer can be moved if better access is needed.

No concern about its close proximity to Water supply?


I agree.

How about above the staircase to an unfinished basement, behind the door, there is no landing just steps.
The door needs to be closed and one has to stand on the top step at the door, but not at the door level.

I tried to post a pic, but this friggin’ MB functionality SUX! Never had problems before the last update!

I’ve seen a similar set up.

Jeff, the NEC prohibits panels above a staircase.

Thanks for the confirmation. That is exactly what I told my client. The home is owned by an “investor”, and currently has a tenant. Many substandard modifications with the home. I strongly recommended they contact the local building department for a review of permits applied for, inspected, and finalized.

The dryer provides a perfect place to sit and drink my margarita while working on the panel…