Service splice

What does the NEC state for splicing of the main service wires.

It looks to me like the wires where to short and then added an additional length of wire.

What do you think is under the tape?


67106 Maple Hts. 019 (Small).jpg

Looks like there is a split bolt under the tape, which is for splicing wires of this size. Some juridictions will not allow splices on the main sec. Our area will allow a splice on a upgrade, which that looks like.

Your area may differ though.


It may come down to the local AHJ but i seen alot in service changes from older systems provided the correct splice devices and correctly listed splices are used ( in this case probably split bolts ) and really I cant see that well tonight

This panel is probably a product of a service change and upgrade which is evident from the old K&T as well.

Anyway…The split bolts in VA are done in service upgrades alot…I would venture in your area also but a quick call to the local AHJ will give you some great information and it may help in the future as again local AHJ only ADOPT the NEC…they have the ability to above it ( ie: Illinois, Chicago comes to mind )

Now I have to admit…going to bed this morning at 3:30AM and getting back up 8:00AM after night of FUN…What the HECK is in Long Island Iced Teas anyway …geessshhh ) and then the 7 1/2 hour drive home…I cant see real well…BUT The grounded conductor really needs some markings ( Tape ) on it, the conductors on either side of those split bolts look like different sizes so make sure they are rated for 100A since the main is listed as such…that I can see.

Also be sure they did not do a unauthroized service change, check to ensure the meter has a clip on it and note the type of meter in case it was upgraded by someone other than a contractor who really pulled a permit as well as ensuring the service drop is sized correctly which sometimes is NOT done when a bootleg upgrade is done…just be safe and double check.

BTW…also looks the Service Conductors are just coming onto the panel through a open 2" knockout with no connector…again could just be my eyes