Brick foundation walls, leaky moldy basement

cracked, deteriorated parging and bricks and mortar joints…oh lol, they poured a NEW driveway… somebody thought by pouring new slabs would magically stop water from entering basement, got milk?

Yes, the downspout ABOVE grade was ‘part’ of the problem because it was clogged from about 3’ above the concrete and another 4-6’ going up, water froze in it and busted the backside seam which then allowed water to soak the bricks n joints.

Pouring new concrete slabs or caulking along the house perimeter doesn’t repair anything, doesn’t keep further water from deteriorating the bricks n joints below or above ground. Ummm, neither does installing a piece of crap interior basement system and sump pump

Here’s what the inside of basement looks like… some moron did mold remediation for $$$$ without bothering to talk about, deduce where n how the water was entering, hmmmmmm.
The inside walls were previously painted, good luck with that too.

One more POINT, ummm, do you see any bricks, joints falling apart, deteriorating on the inside? No…but just because one doesn’t, that in no way means there aren’t deteriorating bricks, joints, parging on the outside of these walls.

Mudjack slabs or pour new ROCK waterproofs basements? lol Keeps water from entering basements?

That brick foundation was in bad shape.
Your second YouTube link doesn’t work Mark.

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Was that repair only done in the worse area or was it done all the way around?
With the condition of that brick foundation, seems almost a never ending battle to keep it dry unless the whole perimeter is done.
Glad it is not my foundation. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark and Marcel your information and ideas Sure are great to see and much appreciated …

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Thanks Roy, but all the credit belongs to Mark for providing us with all these expert views on repairing defective foundations, and how to repair them from the exterior to assure that they will not allow water infiltration to the interior.
The emphasis is to show that waterproofing on the interior, in most cases is wasted money and will eventually leak again.

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Marcel, NO, we did not do more waterproofing there, she only wanted those areas done now. I did thoroughly explain to her, others that have basements like her that she does–will need more exterior waterproofing in future. Like many homeowners who recently poured NEW driveways she hates the thought of tearing up more concrete to get more waterproofing done, lol. She was told that the new concrete driveways (on both sides of house) would solve her leaky basement. She obviously would have been much better served had they told her to do the waterproofing FIRST… then play with new mud.

The other side of house, corner, was just as bad… here/video is around the corner from first video posted… and a shot of Donald Trump
So how does anyone figure that by installing any type of interior basement system would…
a) stop further water from penetrating the exterior defects/openings
b) stop further mold due to the water that would keep entering
c) stop further deterioration of wall, joints

huh? lol SCAM baby!

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