Hot PICs of this morning's sewer line inspection.

Plumbers do that, don’t they?

True it is work for plumbers , but it should be educational to watch.

Hard to inspect if you do not know how it is done.

Hank charges an extra $225 for the add on service of inspecting the sewer line to the street. Seeing that it could cost tens of thousands to repair a broken or clogged sewer line, I think $225 is money well spent. He says he finds a problem in 40% of all inspections and a serious problem in 15%. He once found an entire garden shovel in the sewer line. The system measures the distance to the problem so that a plumber can find it and repair.

Every one of my reports has a standard recommendation for such a service. I would love to be able to provide it, myself.

What is the cost on those gizmo’s?

Expensive!! 4400+ for similar Web

But you can pick up used. Looking for one myself now.

Thermal camera on the left…
Sewer cam on the right…
Ennie ,mennie,minni,moe

Oh H_ll just get both.:shock: :roll:

Well Bob, you got the what you might have missed with the thermal cam, or them Chicago union boys with the sewer cam. Take your pick.