Sewer cleanout cast iron or HDPE?

I was doing a pre-backfill inspection on a sewer line. The new line is HDPE pipe, but transitions to cast iron for the cleanout, then back to HDPE pipe (thus three HDPE connections, one cast iron cleanout T fitting).

The crew says this is how the inspectors want it.
What’s your experience?


(This means three underground rubber no-hub connections, rather than cemented HDPE pipe fittings).

This would be a local requirement… phone your local building dept or wait for someone from Berkeley to show up :slight_smile:

Yeah, I emailed an inspector.
Maybe 30% of the time they respond :wink:

is there a California section of the message board? I’m thinking that is where You should be asking these questions…we haven’t used that stuff here in residential construction in decades…But then You guys are allowed to poop on the sidewalk in front of Your favorite restaurant and go in an eat while the owner of said establishment is responsible for cleaning it up…You folks do things different there…

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California’s deplorable homeless satiation has nothing to do with the IPC, on which the California code is based.

So, I’ll clarify and widen the question to ask if there’s any support in the IPC (or CPC) for a cast iron cleanout requirement for HDPE main pipe? I see:

707.1 Plug Each cleanout fitting for cast-iron pipe shall consist of a cast-iron or copper alloy body and an approved plug. Each cleanout for galvanized wrought iron, galvanized steel, copper, or copper alloy pipe shall consist of a plug as specified in Table 707.1, or a standard weight copper alloy cap, or an approved ABS or PVC plastic plug, or an approved stainless steel cleanout or plug. Plugs shall have raised square heads or approved countersunk rectangular slots.

If the contractor is blowing smoke (that would be Marijuana smoke, it’s legal here), I’d like to know.

The local AHJ inspector has confirmed: the contractor was just wrong. This is not a local requirement. Not a California thing. Not a local thing. Not, in fact, a thing.